Emergency Vehicle Siren

Who Uses Our Emergency Vehicle Sirens

Golddeer Security are professional Manufacturer of Emergency vehicle warning lights and warning

alarm systems with more than 10 years’ experiences. All the products made by ourself with strict quality control.

Emergency Warning Siren comes with a universal mounting bracket making it suitable for police, fire, ambulance, volunteer, and private vehicle to use as a PA system or audio warning device.Constructed of heavy duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, the Emergency Warning Siren offers easy installation, and is made to satisfy your public addressing, equipment operating, and audio warning needs.



100W New Police speaker siren

100W New Police Ambulance Auto electronic alarm siren with Amplifier SLS1711.Monolithic integrated c ...
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100W Police pa system emergency lights and sirens

1.Model: 40/80/100CD2.Work Voltage: DC 12V/24V3.Power: 40W/80W/100W4.Impedance: 4Ω /16Ω /8Ω 5.Monoli ...
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150W Aluminum Emergency Vehicle Siren

1. It conform to national standrad GB8108-1999. 2. Special super-thin design, harmonious with inner ...
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300W Silicone Handhold 7 Tone Vehicle Sirens

1. It conform to national standrad GB8108-1999. 2. Monolithic integrated circuit in steadier perform ...
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200W Speaker Emergency Electronic Siren for Car

1. It conform to national standrad GB8108-1999. 2. Special super-thin design, harmonious with inner  ...
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Electronic Siren Series (CJB-80CD)

1. It conform to national standrad GB8108-1999.2. Tone charactor: Aux, yelp, hi-lo, wail-1, wail-2, ...
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Electronic Siren Amplifier Siren and Speaker(CJB-100RD-A)

  1. It conform to national standrad GB8108-1999.2. Tone charactor: Aux, yelp, hi-lo, wail-1, wail-2 ...
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Siren without Speaker(CJB-100RD)

Electronic Siren Amplifier Siren withoutut Speaker 1. It conform to national standrad GB8108-1999.2 ...
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100W/150W New Version SLS171

100W/150W New Version Police alarm Ambulance Auto electronic siren with Speaker SLS171 1.Monolithic ...
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100w emergency siren PA300

emergency siren without horn speaker or 100w amplifier PA300 Both can come to inquire 1.Working volt ...
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