300W Silicone Handhold 7 Tone Vehicle Sirens


1. It conform to national standrad GB8108-1999.

2. Monolithic integrated circuit in steadier performance.

3. 7-Tone charactor is available: Aux, yelp, wail-1, wail-2, warn and yelp/8s, lamp-a-b-c-d and dual-tone.

Tones also can be customised by your design, if you have the sound.

4. With two light controllers. It is more suitable for the car have lightbar on the top roof. When the driver         use the siren, he also can control the lightbar without any other controller.

5. Handhold mike. With controller.

6. All the body of our siren adopt good quality aluminum.

7. Technical data:
Voltage: DC12V/24V
Power: 150W+150W


Model Number:CJB-300W
Voltage: 12v/24v Car Siren
Delivery time: 100PCS a week
Can be customized: YES
Quotation validity period: A month

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