LED Warning Lights

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For LED lights, the most common considerations are cost and warning power. Our complete product line will definitely meet your needs, and we will provide price matching guarantees. The dash light is an ideal undercover police patrol light and can be used as a substitute for indoor light bars. Traffic Enforcer is carefully designed to pass CE certification, perfectly fits your vehicle, and provides you with the output you need through instrument lights.

The high-intensity windshield strobe light is very compact and easy to operate. It can be used as an emergency light on the dashboard for frontal visual warning, or as a roof light for the back cover of the vehicle. The multiple units of these marigolds can use one of 15 flash modes to flash synchronously, which greatly improves the car’s field of vision. Suction cup, cigarette lighter adapter and adjustable angle strobe LED module make it one of the most practical emergency vehicle strobe warning lights for all civilians and emergency service personnel.


dashboard light with Suction Cups

1. 6x1W High Intensity LED's 2. 6 Watt Luminous Output 3.15 Self Drive Flashing Patterns 4.Directional Focus Reflector Optics 5. Super Brightness Rating 6.Temperature Range -30˚C to +50˚C 7.Colourless ...
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Roof Lightbar short Light

Red/Blue Emergency Vehicle Roof Lightbar Mini Light Bar • 8 modules Generation III LED lights with high brightness, reliable performance and long lifespan • International standard cigaretter plug with ...
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24W warning strobe police lights

24W cheap emergency lights warning strobe police dash lights amazon blue light in car dash 1. 4 Modules lighting with 24 pcs high power 1W Gen-3 LED. 2. Slim design for low profile look. 3. 25 kinds o ...
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undercover police lights

• Each unit consist of 6 high intensity Gen-3 LED with optic lens. • Premium optics creates the widest angle of light output possible. • Use special microchip controlling circuit. • A variety of color ...
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police interior light bar

1. 3 Modules lighting with 6 pcs high power 1W Gen-3 LED. 2. Slim, narrow design is perfect for all types of vehicles. 3. Lights can be synchronized for simultaneous or alternating flashing 4. Shock-p ...
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police lights for car grille

LED warning strobe kits police grille light grill blue lights police lights for car grille Kick your vehicle's lighting system up a notch with the light trusted by many public safety professionals. Th ...
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48 inch car roof light

1. Working voltage: DC 12V or 24V 2. Aluminium frame,clear PC lens 3. Base: Made of high-strength aluminum alloy. 4. 1W Gen-III LED tube, Each modules is 4pcs led tubes, 22pcs modules, total 88pcs led ...
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warning light head strobe

led lamps 3 watts LED lamps from Taiwan supplier Voltage 24V two wires black and red wire 20cmtwo wires adhesive tape 3M adhesive tape with 1MM thickness Mode 1 kind of mode(6 flashes,295 times / min) ...
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48″ LED directional light bar

1. 8 Modules lighting with 40 pcs high power 1W Gen-3 LED. 2. Slim design for low profile look. 3. Flash pattern memory. 4. Shock-proof and waterproof. 5. Aluminum shell easy to cooling. 6. Fully seal ...
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rectange strobe LED lights

LED rectangle light  are suitable for public safety service profession with special applications where the real required for a full sized lightbar is unavailable, while 360 degrees of intense visual w ...
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