Amber Mini LED warning lightbar


Amber Mini LED warning lightbar emergency beacon light bar emergency lights for trucks
1.The TBD22926-4a streamlined style provides superior aerodynamics and greater fuel savings, while the strong outer Aluminum alloy case makes the lightbar both remarkably lightweight and durable.
2.This mini light bar also features The third generation TIR lens guaranteeing that your light will be bright and clear.
3. 4modules high-brightness Gen-3 1W LED lights,Total 20 pcs LED tube
4. 23 kinds of flash patterns to be choosed
5. Cigar with power and patterns swiches
6. Available in various colors
7. Working voltage: 9-30V
8. Aluminum top and base for good heat dissipation.

Model Number:TBD22926-4a
Voltage: 9~30V
Operating temperture...:-35℃ to +65℃
packing size:26X21X15 cm
Warranty: 1 Year

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