10m Deflation Device Road Block


LZJ-A10a Spike system is a superior product with a proven track record, serving Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Defence and military agencies since 2000. The Roadblock has preassabled, recycling,free expansion,safe and efficient coverage of light path, adaptable, lightweight,portable and easy to use features.

It's the equipment that police set on the road intercept the suspect vehicle and control the traffic.equipped with 225 pcs of Stainless stell spike at a striking distance and can not cross the cordon blocking the road can quickly and effectively in emergency situation.

Model Number:LZJ-A10a
Type: Military and police equipment, RoadBlock
application:intercept the suspect vehicle and control the traffic
Material:stainless steel nail
Operating temperat...: -40℃-55℃
Packing Size:780*540*140mm
Can be customized: YES

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