60 inch LED warning light bar for truck


1. This lightbar has been engineered for a 360-degree lighting output with an aerodynamic, low-profile design.
2. The sleek design of this 1505mm Lightbar improves your vehicle’s fuel efficiency which contains a total of 104 PCS Third Generation LEDs and TIR Optics lens make this lightbar more brilliant than past models.
3. This lightbar also features an PC housing and a fully sealed and weatherproofed flasher, guaranteeing that your light will be bright and clear to withstand all extreme weather conditions.
4. The TBD09956 is programmed with 15 user-selectable flash patterns, 26 primary warning modules, and a variety of safety features that get the job done.
5. This lightbar comes with a 13 foots wire harness and universal mounting brackets for easy installation, and can also be hardwired to your existing switch box.
6. Arrow stick directions: left, right, center out
7. Lightbar features takedown and alley modules

Model Number:TBD09956
Voltage: 12/24V
Operating temperture...:-35℃ to +65℃
packing size:1550*380*220mm
weight: 14KG
Warranty: 1 Year

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